Dear Santa: Part 2

I told you I wasn’t done with my list.

I think just because the days are shorter when Mommy gets home late it shouldn’t mean I don’t get my walk. So here’s what I want from Santa to make sure my walking hours are extended – especially on Christmas Eve when Mommy, Grandma, Cosmo and I go for our traditional nighttime walk to look at lights (and pee on stuff.)

The PupLight Dog Safety Light is a cool LED flashlight that fits on my  collar and lights up stuff 200 feet ahead and 70 feet on each side. That way I can really find the best spots to leave peemail WAY ahead of time. And Mommy can see my poop easier to pick it up and other people can see us really easily, and I know Mommy worries about that. Plus it says it scares away skunks and possums, I think they’re fun to chase but Mommy hates running into critters on our walks. I want the one in red, but it comes in other colors too! Check the video out and see how much it flashes!

The light is really good but we should also wear gear that is reflective too. Night Gear has a Glow Dog Reflective Jacket that really glows in the dark. They’ll see the light and they’ll also see our jackets in the dark too!

Remember, no matter how much you flash or glow, walking in the dark can be dangerous. Check out these tips for walking safely at night!

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