Animal-themed baby clothing e-tailer gives back

Annie and Roland

Inspired by a rescue dog named Annie, this online store offers unique, high quality and just plain adorable animal-themed items that give back. When you shop at portions of sales are donated to animal rescues. In its first year donated more than $3,000 to these needy organizations. was launched in 2010 by Laurene Parlatore, when she and her husband Bill adopted a rescue dog named Annie. Around the same time, they became an aunt and uncle and pursued baby gift shopping with great enthusiasm.

Realizing how similar babies and animals are − sweet, innocent and vulnerable − AnnieWear blends the two and fills a need for cute, animal-themed, and fun baby and toddler gifts that have greater meaning. “The distinguishing feature to the business is that from day one, it supports animal rescues and animal education programs” says Laurene Parlatore. “The more we sell, the more we can give to the rescues which are so desperately trying to save unwanted, abandoned and even worse, abused animals. We started with our own line of onesies and t-shirts, then began the search to find complimentary products from companies that we like and trust.”

You can’t help breaking into a big smile when you see an AnnieWear onesie with little Annie’s likeness and charming sayings “Good Boy, Good Girl”, or feel you’re making a difference when you buy a toddler t-shirt proclaiming “My Kitty is Adopted: Rescue Shelters Rule.” When you need a special gift for that special little someone in your life and you want it to mean something more, shop at Your gift recipient will be truly touched by your generosity in every way!

To  learn more about Annie, you can view her videos Annie Tales: The Adventure of a Rescue Puppy at and on You Tube. You can also become her fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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