Prepare Now for Summer Dog Dangers

Summer Dog Dangers

Summer is here and it’s finally time to thaw out from those paw-freezing months! We know you and your pup can’t wait to get out for fun in the sun. But, before you do there are some important summer safety precautions you should be keeping in mind. Some summer dog dangers can be pretty pricey too, so a little extra attention and care now can go a long way!

What are you and your furry friend up to this summer?


Swimming is the perfect way for you and your dog to cool down, but let’s break down some of the doggie dangers at some of your favorite swimming holes.

  • The Beach – Nothing’s cuter than a pup frolicking in the surf! But when you’re on the beach watch out for sand consumption as this can lead to intestinal issues and blockage. Also, consumption of salt water can cause dehydration or even salt toxicity.
  • The Lake – Bart hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so lake water is plentiful. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty plentiful in summer dog dangers. Before your canine cannonballs in, make sure to check and see if the lake has any contaminants. You could be protecting your puppy from giardiasis, algae poisoning and other skin infections or irritations.
  • The Pool – Break out the floaties and beach balls, it’s pool party season! But watch out for chlorine irritations and dry drowning.


Fire up the grill! You and your pooch’s shared love of eating is finally ready to go outdoors. But whether it’s a campfire or just dinner on the patio, make sure to keep your pup away from any flames, foreign foods and alcohol. Save yourself the hassle of any food poisoning or burns.


Getting outside and getting healthy with your dog is what summer is all about. But there are summer dog dangers out on the trail. Watch out for wildlife and ticks. Certain trails could also put your puppy at risk for fractures and even broken bones.

Road Trip

A vacay with your furry friend? We can’t think of anything better! Just make sure to keep your car cool. Doggie heatstroke is the ultimate vacation ruiner.

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