Reduce Dog Chewing During the Holiday Season

dog chewing

If your dog has ever chewed on a Christmas ornament, chomped on a wrapped present or stolen food from a holiday meal, you know that chewing is a big temptation for our furry friends during the holiday season. Dogs are curious and playful by nature and the bright colors and intriguing shapes of Christmas gifts and decor, and the alluring smell of holiday feasts, is often more than they can resist.

In fact, PetMatrix, in conjunction with Wakefield Research, uncovered some interesting statistics about dog chewing behavior and the holidays:

  • 52% of U.S. dog owners say they’ve experienced a dog unwrapping presents early
  • 34% of U.S. dog owners have experienced dogs opening presents more than once
  • 64% say their dog has chewed on something forbidden like the holiday meal or decoration during a holiday party
  • 70% of dog owners have experienced their dogs damaging clothing and accessories during the holidays

In response to this pooch problem PetMatrix suggests curbing the need to chew with their SmartBones, made with a wholesome vegetable outside casing and real chicken inside. They are 100% rawhide-free, low fat, highly digestible and totally delicious for your dog!

You may want to also check out celebrity dog trainer Travis Brorsen’s tips for keeping dogs safe, happy and behaving well during holiday festivities.

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