Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

christmas gifts

Bart’s mom considers Bart part of the family. He gets gifts on Christmas morning just like everyone else. If your dog is part of the family the way Bart is you’ll likely want to give him something special for Christmas. Which one of these do you think your dog would like the most?

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Do you love hiking with your dog? Or taking long car rides? Your dog probably loves these activities too. The biggest challenge with these fun times is getting your pup enough water. This nifty combination dog bowl and water bottle makes it easy to take water along and provide your beloved dog a way to drink it. This is one gift your dog will be happy to find under the tree.

Ball Launcher

Play time just got easier on your arm. A ball launcher makes it easier to throw balls farther and longer without tiring out your arm or messing up your rotator cuff. Now you can play with your dog until he’s tired. Give it a shot after the gifts have all been opened.

LED Dog Ball

Use the ball launcher at night with this cool LED ball. You can throw it by hand too if you prefer. The LED glow makes it easy for both you and your dog to find the ball in the dark. When you combine it with the ball launcher you can play with fetch until bed time. Try it Christmas night if you’re not worn out from all the festivities.

Tug-O-War Pull

A good game of tug-o-war is fun for everyone. Many ropes and towels have succumbed to this fun pastime. With this sturdy tug-o-war pull, your towels are safe and there won’t be any ropes strings blanketing your floors.

Natural Dog Biscuits

Give your dog an all-natural treat with these biscuits. They come in a wide variety of flavors, sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. The smell is so enticing your dog might even open this one all by himself.

What other gifts would your dog love? Merry Christmas from all of us at Bart the Dumpster Dog.

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