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Senior dogs are considered hard to place adoptions. Most people looking for a new pet family member are looking for a puppy or young dog because they want many years with their new furry love. At Susie’s Senior Dogs, they advocate for the adoption of senior pets and have generated quite a following.

Success Stories

Susie’s is focused on sharing positive news and information. Some of their favorites are success stories. Read them here to get a taste of the great work they do and the love senior dogs receive as a result.

Or, for even more success stories, check out the book! Susie’s carefully and lovingly compiled success stories from the more than 700 matches they’ve helped facilitate. Animal lovers of all ages will love this book and the tales (or tails) of joy contained between the covers.

Doggie Photo Shoots

A big part of Susie’s work involves traveling the country taking pictures of senior dogs in shelters waiting for their forever homes. They put the photos of these sweet adoptable senior dogs on their Facebook page along with information about each one and how to adopt them. They also share when the dogs are adopted with lots of happy photos.

By making these adoptable senior dogs known and available to a much wider audience, Susie’s increases adoption rates and reduces euthanasia. It’s a win-win for the dogs and their new owners.

How You Can Help

Susie’s is a non-profit committed to finding homes for senior dogs across the United States. If you’ve got room in your heart and home for a senior dog, consider working with Susie’s to find your next companion. To make a tax deductible donation or to learn more, check out Susie’s website. For some extra cuteness and inspiration to bring a senior dog into your life, check out their Instagram page.

Have you adopted a senior dog? Tell us the story.

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