Miami-Dade County Blazes Trails for Animal Shelters Across the USA

animal shelters

Typically, municipal animal shelters are places associated with cold and depressing atmospheres, and a sense of desperation and hopelessness for often stressed out and sorrowful animals. But Miami-Dade County is blazing trails in helping homeless animals with a beautiful new facility that focuses on pets’ comfort and enhanced customer experience. No other shelter in the USA surpasses requirements with such careful thought and aesthetic appeal.

The shelter, called The Pet Adoption and Protection Center, had its grand opening in June, is now operating in full swing and on its way toward achieving its ultimate no-kill goal.

Among other changes to the original shelter, The Pet Adoption and Protection Center now houses 25% more dogs and almost doubled its cat housing, all while maintaining space and comfort to give each animal a less stressful, happier stay. The entire facility is climate controlled to beat the Florida heat, making it the largest air conditioned shelter in the country. Ventilation was increased to prevent the transmission of disease and reduce odors. Additionally, advanced medical technology was installed in an open concept surgical suite staffed by skilled surgeons and techs to offer more low-cost neuters and spays. Surgical capacity has increased by more than 50%.

When not meeting prospective adopters, dogs enjoy spacious kennels and an outdoor enclosure for play time. Cats can while the time away in a community room filled with toys.

With a comfortable mall-like atmosphere, “we created an environment that is inviting to families, where they can come find their ‘furever friend’ as well as a place of protection for our furry residents,” explained Tara C. Smith, Director of the Internal Services Department.

Kudos to Miami-Dade County! May there be many happy endings for the dogs and cats in their good care.

animal shelters

animal shelters

animal shelters

animal shelters

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4 thoughts on “Miami-Dade County Blazes Trails for Animal Shelters Across the USA”

  1. The progress made by the Staff, Volunteers & Rescue Groups working together is something to be really proud of!

  2. It is sad the uneducated BS people believe and write about this shelter. I, along with a bunch of truly concerned, HONEST shelter reform advocates have been investigating MDAS for YEARS. The ONLY thing that has changed at MDAS is the building. They have the same CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT staff running it. Animals that are killed “off the books” without the rescue world being given a chance to save them. An extremely INCOMPETENT medical staff that CANNOT perform simple S/N operations without complications. No X-RAY equipment to determine extent of injuries. The list goes on and on. Even in the new shelter there has already been a disease outbreak. As far as expanded capacity. That is suspect as well, as the shelter REFUSES to show proof of the increased capacity, while they publicize their statistics. And if capacity has increased, why is it necessary to continue to house animals at the old shelter with its horrible conditions? NOTHING can be believed coming from the management as we have DOCUMENTED PROOF of the lies, especially about their DISHONEST CLAIMS of obtaining No Kill save rates. Sadly a SIGNIFICANT number of animals are KILLED without the killings being included in their dishonest numbers, again, we have the PROOF. It does the rescue world absolutely no good to publish PR lies put out by a county agency WITHOUT doing any investigation into the claims being made, to simply act as a mouth piece for the agency in spreading those lies. There are many other issues involved with the operation of this shelter. And I would urge the blogger to check out my FB advocacy page and get educated on them, otherwise continue to publish FICTION and end up hurting the animals. An ANIMAL ADVOCATE writing this blog?? Judge for yourself

  3. Can only see a solid floor in the dog’s kennel.
    Where is their “bathroom”?
    In the shelter where I volunteer, the floor is not solid so that their excrements can drop/ be washed off more easily. (or so it would seem).
    I love that your facility is air conditioned.

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