Dogs in Hotels – Tips and Tricks for a Successful Stay

Whether traveling for a weekend or a week, many pet owners want to bring their beloved companions with them. Doing this successfully requires a bit of planning to find appropriate hotels and ensure the comfort and safety of you, your pet and other hotel guests.

Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

Finding a pet friendly hotel is easier than ever before with specific search engines available for the purpose. Some like focus on U.S. travel. Others like have options for international travel. If you’re taking a U.S. road trip, makes it easy to find pet friendly hotels all along your route and within a set number of miles along the way. For pet parents who love specific hotel chains has you covered.

Making the Stay Pleasant for All

Traveling and staying in hotels is fun, but also stressful for pets. Following certain protocols and providing comforts for your pet will help them feel calmer, stay quieter and interact with other guests in the best possible manner.

Safety Planning for Dogs in Hotels

Before you go, make sure your pets ID tags and collar are up to date and properly secured. If your pet is not microchipped, you may want to get that done prior to your trip. Also, be sure you understand and comply with leash laws in your destination area(s).

Coordinating with the Hotel

Before you book a room, make sure you understand the hotel’s pet policy and which, if any, breeds are restricted. Also check on any other restrictions such as number or size of pets. Make sure you understand if there is any additional fee involved.

Think about your dog’s behaviors. Do they play, wrestle, jump on/off the bed, etc.? A room on the ground floor is less likely to disturb other guests. Does your pet bark or growl at strange noises? A room away from the elevator and parking area can help minimize this and keep you in your fellow travelers’ good graces. If your pet eats food that can spoil, be sure the room has a refrigerator.

When You Check in

Before you let your dog run around, do a room inspection to be sure there’s nothing that may injure them or that no pills were left behind by previous guests or housekeeping. While your dog is sniffing and exploring, create a comfortable space with items from home – their bed, crate, toys, etc.

When You Go Out

If you leave your pet in the room when you go out to sight-see, hang the “do not disturb” sign on the door and leave toys and treats for your dog to chew to minimize risk of damage to hotel property. Vetstreet recommends a Kong with peanut butter or a rawhide bone. Be sure the hotel staff has a way to reach you if your dog is disturbing other guests while you’re out of the room.

Clean Up After Yourself

Shedding and dog poo are not acceptable to other hotel guests. Take steps to keep shedding fur off hotel furniture and linens by covering them with blankets or sheets from home. When you take your dog out to toilet on hotel grounds, be sure to clean up any waste and properly dispose of it.

Following these tips will ensure you, your pet and your fellow travelers have a pleasant stay. Respectful pet owners encourage other hotels to allow pets and make it easier for more people to bring their pooch with them.

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