Yummy dog treats

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Yummy dog treats

Usually dog treats that are deemed “all natural” do a number on the dogs’ digestive systems so when I got this free sample of Dogswell Jerky Strips “Vitality”  I was hesitant. But the ingredients seem to be just fine for all three after trying them for about 3 days. Here’s what they contain: Chicken Breast, Vitamin E Supplement, Flaxseed, Vitamin A Acetate.

But the ultimate test is whether Bart will come inside when offered a dog treat. Up until now only rawhides or pig’s ears will do it.  However with these he practically knocks me over. (For a dumpster dog, he’s pretty picky.) For the ingredients and the “yummy” factor, I would recommend them.

Bart didn’t get paid for these but he did get free treats. Here’s how the dogs reacted: 

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