We miss our kitty pal Jinx

My doggy friends up in Canada asked me if they could post this sweet memorial to their kitty friend today. Please paws for a quick prayer for Jinx who is now in kitty heaven.

As the leader of the Riley, Ripley and Prestley pack, I (Ripley) would like to tell you that we’ve had some things change since we last wrote here for Bart. A few months ago, we moved to a new house – just us 3 dogs, Jinx and mommy and daddy.

Since we’d moved, Jinx had been spending a lot more time with us. Mommy thinks she wanted our company while feeling strange in a new place (rather than spending 2 weeks in her litter box as we have in the past). So, over the past few months our dog and kitty cat pack were much happier together and mommy and daddy spotted each one of us snuggling with Jinx at different points. We’ve had a great few months together,  but unfortunately, that’s where it ended.

A couple of weeks ago, Jinx passed away unexpectedly. Something happened to her and she went in for a routine procedure and mommy got a phone call to say she hadn’t made it out. Just before that call came mommy was laughing about the fact that Jinx was going to come home totally bald as they were going to shave her. Mommy was planning where our house full of weekend guests would stay so that Jinx could have our entire basement to recover. No one ever thought she wouldn’t come home again.

It was hard on everyone. On the first day, Riley was walking around the house searching for her. I was looking around for my new cuddling buddy since she cuddled on the armchair with me for hours the day before. Prestley wished she was there to play with.

Dealing with the loss of an animal, whether you are a person or an animal is just hard. What did we do to try and move on? Well, we spent some time together, out of the house, trying to have fun.  Now, we also have a new addition, and her name is Paisley. She’s starting to fit in really well, but we’ll tell you more about later, because this is about honoring our first kitty. Having a new focus has helped us all, though Paisley will never replace our Jinx.

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