Toy struggles!

Finding toys for us is something that has been really hard, because with three young dogs of different sizes, we all have slightly different needs. Both Prestley and I (Ripley) like to have soft toys at times, but Riley just tears the dog toys right apart. Mommy said we wouldn’t get to try and new types of toys, but I think that my cute little puppy dog eyes have worked on her because both me and Prestley have still gotten to try out some other toys, but mommy always buys them with durability in mind.

The thing is, nothing ever lasts. We’ve had toys that have been tested on Rotweillers with triple stitching and no stuffing that only manage to stay safe from Riley for a couple of days. We’ve had hard rubber toys that he manages to chew apart into pieces until mommy starts to worry one of us will choke, and we’ve even had treat puzzle balls that Riley just chews right through to get the food out of.

The kong is Bart's favorite toy!

So what kind of toys do we have? Well, this is our current collection.

We get to have lots and lots of bones and lots of them are as big as Prestley. I also have my favorite ball, Prestley has a wishbone teether, there’s a big rubber bone (it’s a mystery why he hasn’t eaten it yet) and we all have round Kongs to have peanut butter in…yum!

Riley might not be a big dog, but he loves to chew and has a very strong jaw. It’s not very fair because then Prestley and I don’t get to have the other kinds of toys that we like. Mommy keeps saying something about flushing money down the toilet every time Riley eats a new thing, we haven’t figured out what it means, but she doesn’t look happy!

On this blog, Riley, Prestley and I are going to start testing out some toys to find something that’s durable enough for Riley and soft enough that we get to have something different.  We’re ready for our toy struggle to end and hope we can help other furry families from having the same problem we have!

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