Smart collar helps Kate Upton stay in touch with her dog

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We all wish we could talk to our dogs, but the Rosetta Stone for barking doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. The next best thing? Kate Upton and her pooch Harley think that the Link AKC smart collar is an incredibly helpful tool for communicating in between all the belly rubs and games of fetch. Plus, Link AKC has also teamed up with the star and her BFF, Harley, in a video series you won’t want to miss. The six part video series educates dog owners on how the smart collar can strengthen the bond between dog and owner with features that provide personalized insights that help improve your dog’s wellness and happiness. As fans will see in the videos, the bond between “dog mom” Kate & “her child” Harley is strong and their interactions are very entertaining. Here’s a preview:

The new Link AKC smart collar makes it easier to take care of your four-legged family member by providing a number of innovative technological features.

What are some of the ways that the smart collar can streamline dog-human interactions?

GPS tracking: If your dog enjoys roaming around in the yard, GPS tracking gives you peace of mind when your dog has disappeared chasing after a squirrel. The smart collar gives you alerts if your dog gets loose so that you can easily track down your wandering pup.

Activity monitor: Like a Fitbit for dogs, the activity monitor can help you make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise. The smart collar can adjust its recommendations for wellness based on your dog’s age, breed and size.

Temperature: If your dog is in an environment that is too hot or too cold, the smart collar will alert you so that you can adjust for your dog’s climate needs.

Remote-controlled light: The remote-controlled light attached to the smart collar can make finding your dog a simpler task late at night. We all know how groggy we are when the dog needs to be taken out for a middle of the night trip to the potty. This light makes it all the easier to keep track of your dog on their midnight bathroom run.

Adventures: The smart collar can record, save and share trips that you take with your adventurous canine companion.

Training: The collar can produce sounds that can help owners train their dogs effectively.

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Communicating with your dog can be challenging at times, but the AKC Link smart collar improves the dog-owner relationship in many ways. Everyone who loves their dog wants as tight a bond as possible, and this collar makes great strides towards achieving that objective. Whatever the lifestyle of you and your dog, the smart collar provides invaluable insight into ensuring that you and your dog are on the same page.

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