Potty training in a high rise

Dog owners who live in apartment buildings have some very interesting challenges. Not all buildings allow pets but in those that do, the dog owners living there have potty training hurdles that others who live in street level houses do not to face. I know this from many years of personal experience since I often lived in high-rise condominium buildings that allowed dogs before finally moving into a street level dwelling.

One of these buildings I lived in with my first two dogs Pepper and Max was a high-rise condo. We were in the corner suite on the twelfth floor. Sometimes the elevators were really slow and we had to wait a long time for one to come. When we got in, sometimes it would stop at several other floors before we made it to the ground level.

Even worse, sometimes the elevators didn’t work at all. To bring my two dogs outside during these malfunctions, we would have to take the stairs all the way down and then all the way back up twelve floors again. Although this was good exercise for us, it was hardly ideal especially if a dog’s potty training habits called for this trip two to three times per day.

Many of my high-rise condo neighbors who also had dogs did struggle to bring their dogs outside a few times each day. Many of these condo residents specifically live on the ground or second floor levels just to have easier outdoor access. Other dog owners were not so lucky as some lived in even higher floors than I did.

Fortunately, I never had to put up with such hassles as my dogs went out only for exercise and fun. Since I had two full bathrooms in my condo, I used one for myself and the second one for my dogs’ own dedicated washroom. Both of my dogs were completely potty trained indoors using their specific dog toilet area.

The Purina company came out with a line of litter boxes and dog litter specifically made for dogs. As it turned out, when I spoke to a Purina representative, I was told that some of the biggest markets for their Second Nature dog litter are Manhattan in New York City and in Miami, Florida where there are lots of dog owners living in apartment buildings.

I’m sure that this market introduction of indoor litter products for dogs by Purina and other companies was welcomed enthusiastically by dog owners who live in apartment buildings and high-rise complexes. With the proper potty training of apartment dogs, there is no longer any need to bring our pets outside just for them to eliminate. They could stay inside for this without messing up our apartments. This of course is greatly appreciated during bad weather.

Dog litter boxes indoors makes life much easier for both dogs and their owners who live in apartments or condominiums. However, there is a specific progression to take. This is why I have chosen to create a dedicated website just to help out other dog owners including those who live in apartment buildings and high-rise condominiums with this type of dog house training.

Clint Cora is author of ” Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor House Training For Dogs”. Get a free basic dog obedience training video at www.pottytrainpuppydog.com

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  1. i have tried my level best to poty train my dog, but it was all useless. now i am in search of some good videos to learn how to potty train my dog. for this purpose i was searching on google and i found this blog on 1st page. I hope i can get some help from here. If you have some good videos kindly give me the link.

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