Poster to help find your lost doggy

Dogs bring enormous joy and love into the lives of their owners. As every owner knows,  the worst moments are when their dog is lost. In these stressed-out moments, it’s hard to get organized and create a professional lost dog poster that includes all of the critical information leading to a dog’s return. Posting “Lost Dog” posters for a dog increases the chances of that dog’s return by over 200% (Source:FidoFinders 2010)

To help dog owners quickly and professionally create a lost dog poster, has just rolled out a FREE Do-It-Yourself-lost dog poster tocreate a professional lost dog poster in seconds. Visit and upload the dog’s picture and fill out the form. Users can then print out PDF posters to distribute around their neighborhoods and e


mail the poster to local businesses, shelters, and neighbors to alert them that their dog is lost.

Many “Lost Dog” posters that individuals create are not optimally designed, as critical information is either too hard to read or missing.  People must be able to read the “Lost Dog” poster while driving by. If someone has to get out of their car to see what kind of dog is missing then the poster is not doing its job. The dog poster is designed to ensure the poster is seen, readable and the message is communicated. The poster has a bright red border and paw prints to immediately convey that an animal is in danger.  It includes critical information such as:


  • Dog’s Name
  • Phone Number (LARGE type)
  • A picture or clip art of the dog – or his breed, a color description, and a phone number.
  • Amount of the Reward


The reward field is optional but highly recommended.  Offering a reward for a lost dog greatly increases the chances that a dog is returned. It’s an incentive for people driving in the area to keep an eye out for the dog. It gives people an extra reason to remember what the breed / color of the dog was and to glance down streets as they pass by.

NOTE: This poster can also be used for lost cats!


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  2. Hi,

    I am a dog walker and this is one of my biggest fears. I know you can buy GPS for your dog, but most people here rely on people returning dogs to vets etc and having a valid micro chip on the dog. Doesnt hurt to have this kind of ready info though!

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