The Petcurean Brand Story

As you may know, I am a Petcurean dog ambassador.  What’s different about Petcurean pet food? Well, for one thing, it’s 100% Canadian-owned and operated.  All of their recipes are conceived, created and formulated in Canada near some of the most fertile ranching and farming lands in North America. There several different recipes including  high protein, lower carb recipes that help us stay strong and fit; recipes formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs; and recipes that provide preventative care to keep dogs healthy for life.

I have been on Go! Fit + Free™ since November. So far I’ve lost 7 pounds (just 3 to go!) and I feel great! Petcurean recently released a new video that captures the Petcurean brand story and passion for all things pet.

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