Our new girl Duchess

Now that she’s been here for a couple weeks, Duchess doesn’t stop moving often enough to get a good picture. But here’s a cute one of Cosmo and Duchess!

Is she my new girlfriend? I think she’s more in love with Zander, our next door Dobie. She’s settled into the role of bratty little sister who is saved by her cute, snuggly factor. She’s off the charts in terms of both feistiness and adorability. That combination of cute and scrappy probably saved her life more than once up on the reservation.

That’s right, Duchess is a Red Lake Reservation dog just like me! She was found with a pack of other dogs – her hair was matted, she had pinkeye and another illness I can’t spell but from the notes in her file from Red Lake Rosie’s it was obvious that she was a loveable little girl right away.

Here’s where Mommy comes in. See, I get really upset when Cosmo leaves for agility or skijor or to run with Mommy. So someone has to come dogsit every time. Mommy had been thinking if I had a girlfriend maybe I wouldn’t get so upset. So when she saw Duchess on the Pet Haven Facebook page she knew that a) she was small but not too small and b) she matched our family color scheme. Duchess needed a foster mom for a week or so, and Mommy told them she’d take her.

At first Cosmo and I were jealous and we growled at her. She was scared and Mommy didn’t think it would work. But then one day I decided to see if she could play and from there, we’ve become the best of friends. Do I like her laying on my head? Not always. Is it pleasant that she likes to chew on my ears? Sometimes. Do I appreciate it when she jumps from the couch and dive bombs me when I’m sleeping. What do you think?

She already knows sit, stay and to heel on the leash. When we’re pack walking, she likes to walk in front between me and Cosmo. Mommy says we have the same tail, only hers is a mini-version of mine so it looks like we’re flying feathery flags from behind.

Mommy’s in love with her and so is Daddy. Every morning she jumps up and snuggles in Mommy’s neck for kisses, same thing before she goes to sleep. Then she kisses Cosmo and me and goes to lay down. It’s like she is thanking us for taking her into the family.

And Mommy has been taking Cosmo running almost every day. Duchess and I get to stay home with a chewy and nap, which is a much better option in my opinion.

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