Oregon Humane Society helps homeless animals in NY

Portland, OR – Staff from the Oregon Humane Society depart tomorrow, November 27, to provide hands-on help to animals left homeless in the wake of the devastating hurricane Sandy that struck the east coast on October 30.

The three OHS staffers will be in Brooklyn, New York on Nov. 25  through Dec. 4, caring for animals and assisting with the intake of pets affected by the disaster. On Dec. 5 three members of the OHS Technical Animal Rescue Team, or OHSTAR, will be on hand to deploy if needed. OHSTAR and OHS staffers have travelled outside of Oregon several times to help with national rescues and disasters, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (picture at left shows an OHS staffer rescuing an animal stranded by Katrina in 2005).
OHS staffers will be volunteering at a 20,000-square-foot emergency boarding center that opened November 18 in a vacant warehouse in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. Run by a team of disaster specialists from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the shelter housed 137 animals by Sunday evening and was expected to house a few hundred, if not more, before the week was out. The center can accommodate up to 700 animals, which are permitted to stay for 30 days free of charge, with full veterinary care, until their owners can reclaim them.
“My heart goes out to the people and pets on the East Coast who have suffered so much loss,” said team leader Linda Fielder. “I am glad our team has the training to hit the ground running as soon as we arrive in New York.”

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The Oregon Humane Society is the Northwest’s oldest and largest humane society. OHS receives no tax dollars and relies entirely on donations to support its adoption, education, and animal cruelty investigation programs. Visit http://www.oregonhumane.org for more information.

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