Oregon Humane Society finds 11,000 furbaby homes in 2010

Mason finds a home

Staff and volunteers at the Oregon Humane Society rung in the New Year early when they popped Champagne corks at 11 am today to celebrate the 11,000th adoption of 2010.  The lucky dog was Mason, a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier who was adopted by the Bettineski family of Milwaukie. Mason came to OHS from the Curry Country Animal Shelter in Gold Beach. Mason is one of about 3,500 animals that OHS accepted this year from shelters in Oregon, Washington and California as part of the OHS Second Chance program.

“At OHS, were celebrating the fact that we were able to save 11,000 lives in 2010,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon. “The people of our community have really opened their hearts to pets in need.”

This year’s record breaks a record set last year, when OHS found homes for 10,113 pets — the first time that level had been reached since the new shelter building opened in 2000. The large number of adoptions makes OHS one of the busiest shelters in the nation. OHS adopts more animals from its shelter on NE Columbia Blvd. than any other single shelter facility on the West coast. For those who can’t adopt an animal, OHS relies entirely on private donations. A tax deductible donation can be made on the OHS Website at www.oregonhumane.org.

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4 thoughts on “Oregon Humane Society finds 11,000 furbaby homes in 2010”

  1. Stopping by from the Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Big paws up to this post – I’m a volunteer at OHS and they do amazing work!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  2. This is a great news! I am one of the pet-lovers in the world and I really feel pity everytime I see homeless pets in the streets and have nowhere to go. If only I can bring them all and give them shelter, but I can’t do it because I have already a lot of pets in my house. I know I can’t take good care of them all so I am just looking for organizations like OHS to take them out of streets and give them home. I am happy with OHS’ mission of caring and finding owners for the homeless pets.

  3. I adore so much OHS for giving importance and caring for the homeless pets. Through this, they are saving the lives of those creatures. I hope that they will continue doing this for I know there are a lot of people including me who are glad because of the existence of OHS.

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