New book Puppy School donates proceeds to dog rescue

I’m a rescued dog so I love stories about other rescued dogs. I think humans will like this one too. Puppy School is a story about two dogs named Monkey and Burton who are unlikely friends. Burton is a purebred chocolate lab while Monkey is a mutt like me (although I have nicer fur I think) The two dogs have all kinds of adventures and eventually end up earning their dogrees in puppy school. I thought they should have flunked out like I did but I guess people think the story ends better if the dogs do well in school.

David with Burton and Monkey

The author is a famous British actor named David Dayan Fisher who has been on big shows like NCIS and 24 on TV. He’s a huge advocate for rescue dogs. In fact, Burton and Monkey are his real-life dogs that he rescued, or that rescued him depending on who you talk to. Besides being a good story to read to the kids, 50% of the proceeds from Puppy School will be donated to dog rescue organizations!

David and Monkey

Overall I thought Puppy School was a great book with lots of adventure and a happy ending. Even though part was really scary it all works out. If you’re looking for a fun book for kids about dogs, this is it. If you want to learn more about the book, David, Burton and Monkey visit

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  1. It sounds like a good title, honestly I also like reading books similar to this one. It will fill me with positive feelings. I think the book is available and many different online stores including Amazon.

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