National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is May 13, 2017

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

FEMA has recognized May 13, 2017 as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, to help raise awareness about the perils pets face during disasters. When natural disasters strike, you often have little or no time to think. It’s best to have a plan in place to protect your family – including your pets – before disaster, so you’re able to act quickly and calmly if the worst happens.

An evacuation plan can help you escape the damaging effects of tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters. In addition disaster preparedness kits for both your family and your pets are essential to ensuring you’re safe and have all vital documentation with you if you are displaced. A Pet Emergency Go-Kit, as recommended by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, should contain food, water and supplies for your pets. Some of the items in your Pet Emergency Go-Kit should include:

  • First aid items (e.g bandages, alcohol wipes, etc.)
  • Water and food
  • Basic pet care supplies like a leash, waste bags, food/water bowl
  • Any medication your pet may need
  • Important contact information (e.g. veterinarian, emergency animal hospital, etc.)
  • Comfort items (e.g. blanket, favorite toy, etc.)

Here is a checklist you can use to help put together your Pet Emergency Go-Kit.

In addition to having your go-kit ready, consider the following:

  • Ensure your pet is easily identifiable with an up-to-date ID tag and microchip.
  • Put a pet rescue decal in a front window of your house, alerting responders to the presence of pets. Write your veterinarian’s phone number on it.
  • Make note of your pet’s usual hiding places when scared, so you can find them more quickly when needed.
  • Find a safe place to go with your pet before disaster strikes. Disaster shelters may not welcome pets, so it’s a good idea to look for hotels or motels that are pet-friendly or ask friends and family if they can house you and your pet during disaster.
  • Carry a photo of your pet with you in case you get separated.
  • In case you have to evacuate, consider placing your pet in a carrer or crate for safer transport.

This handy infographic is full of useful facts about pets and natural disasters, to help further your education.

About Hill’s Disaster Relief Network: When communities are hit with disasters, the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network quickly responds to and aids affected areas by supplying pet food to harmed communities, as it did when providing 75,000 lbs of Hill’s pet food to Louisiana residents suffering after the record floods. The first-of-its-kind network was established in 2013 as an extension of the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® program, which has donated more than $280 million worth of Hill’s® Science Diet® brand pet foods to more than 1,000 shelters in the U.S. and helped more than eight million pets find new homes.

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