Jazz paws

Snoozing to the Koz

Summer is hard for me because I’m a real fraidy dog. I’m even afraid of the sound garbage bags make. I used to be okay in the car until we drove over something really loud while going through the Rocky Mountains one time. I spent the rest of the trip in Mommy’s lap. Since I’m 90 pounds her legs fell asleep.

Then Mommy saw a story on CBS News about playing classical music to calm animals.  So when I get in the car, she turns on the music. We tried some guy named Mozart first and that worked pretty well. But then the only station she could find in Iowa had jazz and I went right to sleep. I LOVE jazz. I guess it’s soft jazz but Dave Koz makes me go all gooey inside. Mommy likes him too so it works out really good. She plays it when the fireworks come and the big boom booms before the rain too.

A company called Through a Dog’s Ear makes music that’s scientifically proven to calm us down. Here’s what they say: “Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol. 1 is recommended for when you want your dog to rest, when your dog is left alone, or when anxiety or excitement in your dog is anticipated — thunderstorms, fireworks, or the arrival of guests. People will also find it to be deeply relaxing; for this reason please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when listening.”

Does your doggy like music? What kind?

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