Fight doggy boredom at back to school time

Thanks to the Oregon Humane Society for sending us these great ideas…we get lonely when our summer playmates go back to school!

Portland, OR – You’ve prepared the kids for going back to school but how about the dog? When your dog’s human playmates of summer sud

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denly have new interests and friends, Fido’s routine will definitely change. His eating and exercise opportunities may suddenly be limited and his time with human companions lessened. Dogs may develop anxieties when their favorite human goes back to school or leaves for college, says animal behaviorist Mary Lee Nitschke, a professor of psychology at Linfield College. “For pets, there may be a profound loss when one member of the household suddenly disappears,” added Nitschke, a certified applied animal behaviorist who helped found the national Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

The Oregon Humane Society has these suggestions to help you and your dog adjust to back-to-school time:

* Introduce interactive toys for your dog such as Busy Buddy Purple Spaceship Toy; StarMark Everlasting Treat Ball
or Premier Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone (available at Oregon Humane Society’s Best Friends Corner Pet Supply store and other retail locations).

* KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy
stuffed with peanut butter or some other favorite treat and then hidden (but easy to find) around the living room or other canine approved play area will give your dog hours of enjoyment and mental stimulation. A busy dog is not a destructive dog.

* Check out doggie daycares in your area – they may be worth the expense for a day or two of supervised play and exercise.

* Take your dog for long morning walks to get him/her plenty of exercise.

* Spend quality time with your dog when you are at home; include him/her in family activities ensuring your canine is still an important part of the family.

* Ask your vet, dog trainer, or the OHS behavior department (503-416-2983) for information on separation anxiety and crate training. OHS has plenty of information to help you with training your dog online here

* Give your dog plenty of attention and time to adjust to the family being away more during the day.

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The Oregon Humane Society is the Northwest’s oldest and largest humane society. OHS receives little or no funding from national humane groups (such as the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States), and relies entirely on private donations to support its adoption, education, and animal cruelty investigation programs. Visit for more information.

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