Dogs’ status depends on location

ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2010) — Man’s best friend might just be treated like any other animal depending on where the owners live. A study by David Blouin, assistant professor of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Indiana University South Bend, found that people who think of animals as children tend to have a city background. Read the rest of the article at

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3 thoughts on “Dogs’ status depends on location”

  1. My kids are urging my and their dad to get a dog for a pet but I’m having second doubts for I hate fixing those mess they might cause. But on the side of the coin, I’m thinking that it’s one way to teach my kids to become responsible and considerate of other beings.

    1. I think another point of view is that dogs are a great example of unconditional love…something that can teach kids quite a bit. And studies show petting dogs and other animals lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress!

      – Bart’s Mommy

  2. Dogs are treated really good here in southern California. Was just watching the news and a new Dog Resort opened up. It actually looked really neat they give dogs boogie boarding lessons and long-jump into the pool lessons for $35 a day.

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