Dog Safety through the Holidays

Dog Safety

The holidays are a happy time for everyone, humans and usually canines alike. But there are hidden dangers to dog safety in holiday traditions and festivities. Dr. Lance Hirsh, owner of Veterinary Center of Buckhead, has five crucial tips you can follow to keep Fido safe through the holidays.

  1. Avoid upset tummies and sickness by keeping common holiday décor like mistletoe, holly, poinsettia plants and even the water beneath your Christmas tree off limits to your pets.
  2. Enjoy your holiday feasts, but don’t feed your dog table scraps, and especially avoid turkey bones or fat, chocolate, onions or garlic, grapes or raisins and alcohol. These foods can be poisonous or otherwise hazardous to your pup’s health!
  3. Keep your dog’s microchips and ID tags updated in case he/she slips out of the house while guests enter and leave.
  4. Don’t let your cat near tinsel – it’s very enticing for cats to chew on, but ingesting tinsel can be potentially deadly, causing at minimum an upset stomach and at worst costly surgery.
  5. Watch your dog around kids, because even the best tempered dogs can become testy when in the company of boisterous children.

By following these simple steps your pets can enjoy a happy, healthy holiday too!

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