Best TV and movies for dogs

Dogs rule and cats drool.

Not ABOUT dogs, FOR dogs. We like watching certain movies but they have to have a lot of noises and barking is great too. Here’s our list of top movies and TV:

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit – there’s lots of bells, whistles and all kinds of strange noises in this one
  • The Price is Right – That big spinny thing that goes ‘ding ding ding’ is my favorite
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – This one has barking AND talking but it’s a little scary
  • The Incredible Journey – they just bark in this one
  • Hotel for Dogs – the poop part is funny

And here’s a list of movies NEVER EVER EVER to watch

  • My Dog Skip – It made mommy cry
  • Eight Below – It made mommy cry REALLY bad
  • Turner and Hooch – mommy ate a big thingy of ice cream and we didn’t get any
  • Ol’ Yeller – mommy stayed in bed for a whole day
  • Marley and Me – mommy is still taking anti-depressants after that one

What do you like to watch?

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One thought on “Best TV and movies for dogs”

  1. While my dog loves anything that has a dog in it, much of the TV programs will have dogs barking in distress, that puts him under undue distress, so I don’t always enjoy it when dogs come on tv. In particular when there is a regular ad that has a dog barking half way through it.

    Also realized that with dogs limited color vision and less resolution, that images on screen may not make as much sense to them as we would like to think. For me though, one of my regular favs is to sit back with Arch and watch an episode of Cesar Milan,

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