Bart lies down for treats from Milo’s Kitchen

Mommy knows how much I hate to lie down. So when the nice Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treat people sent us sample treats to try, Mommy wanted to see if I would do it for a Milo’s Kitchen treat.

We got to try all four flavors, beef sausage (my favorite) chicken jerky, chicken meatballs and beef jerky. None of it made Cosmo’s poo go runny which is amazing, since he can’t eat anything new without getting runny poo. (I know, TMI but that made Mommy happy.)

I ate the package too. Mommy wasn’t too happy about that.

Wondering if they were good enough to make me do stupid tricks like sit and lay down? Watch the video and see!

PS Take special note of Bart’s playing to the camera. He loves it! M.

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