A pawsome place – The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis

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A pawsome place – The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis

Andrea thought I was really cute

Last year I reported on the Epic Hotel, a Very Important Pet Hotel (VIP) in Miami that is managed by the nice Kimpton Hotel people. So I was really happy when Mommy said we could go visit The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis and see if they had a super pet concierge too!

First I met John the doorman, who has worked for The Grand Hotel for 52 years (that’s 364 dog years) John has an English Bulldog and a Boxer. He asked Mommy if I was a seeing eye dog. Not sure why she laughed so hard.

Me and Amanda

Then I met Amanda and Andrea and they gave me lots of dog treats. We went in a moving box (I hate those things)  to a room where there was a special dog bed with my name on it! And more treats. Then I got to sit on the comfy bed while Andrea petted me and told me how cute I was.

You even get your own pet bed, bowl and poopie bags. Boy, this is the place to bring your human if you’re a dog.

If you want to find out what humans think of this place, visit the Minneapolis Travel Examiner.

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  • Rufus Dogg17. Jun, 2011

    I just stayed at the Roger Smith in Midtown these past few days. Henry is the hotel mutt there and I forwarded this link to him! @rshotel

  • Bart the Dumpster Dog17. Jun, 2011

    I just tweeted them!

  • Jes Seddon20. Jun, 2011

    Wow, I live in Melbourne Australia and we don’t have anywhere near the luxury for our dogs as you do! Sounds like a dogs life isnt so bad afterall !

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