A Happy Tail from Petfinder.com

Did you know my mommy found me through Petfinder.com? We got this Happy “Tail” and wanted to share it!!

Freckles and Carly

Freckles was a puppy mill pup.  At nine months, Plain & Fancy Animal Rescue in Lancaster County, Pa., saved him from a degraded life and posted his description and photo on Petfinder.  Within a week, Terry Shepler of Myerstown, Pa., saw his description and decided to give him a chance for a happy home.

“He was very mistrusting of humans, hated the outdoors and was not trained in any way, shape or form,” Terry recalls. “The first three weeks of having him, he spent hiding behind the sofa.” She had to wonder if she had made a big mistake.

“Through a lot of patience, work and advice from trainers, he started to ‘come around’ after several months,” she says. “One thing I did notice about him was that enjoyed being around other dogs.”  That spurred her decision to look for a companion for Freckles.

Back to Petfinder she went.  There, she found Carly, who was slated for euthanasia at a crowded, open admission shelter because she had hyperthyroidism when Dad’s My Angel Puppy Rescue in Trappe, Pa., pulled her from the facility and posted her for adoption on Petfinder. and  But Terry stepped up and gave this dog, too, a second chance.Carly now takes medication for her condition and visits the vet once a month for monitoring, but it’s a small price to pay for seeing these two dogs together.

“Freckles and Carly adapted to each other instantly,” Terry says. “You would have thought they had known each other their whole lives. They play and interact great. They provide me with so much love and joy. They also give each other so much companionship.”

Happiness for all of them is being part of a family.

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