$5,000 on the line to crown the Animaltarian of the Year

Do you know someone who helps wrangle lost pets on the streets?  Do you work for a group who saves animals when natural disasters occur? Do you know a no-kill shelter that helps animals in the community?. What about a therapeutic horse ranch for kids with disabilities?  Maybe your veterinarian is notorious for pro bono medical care? That person or group has a chance to win $5,000 and be crowned the Animaltarian of the Year – presented by PetPartners.

/an-uh-muh l—tair-ee-uh n/

1.  A person who seeks to support animal welfare.
2.  An animal who assists to advance human welfare.

If you know a person, organization, veterinarian or a grass roots group that fits this bill, tell them to shoot a video of their story and submit it to www.petpartners.com/animaltarian. Are you a video novice? You can submit on the group or person’s behalf.  Once the video is submitted, call everyone you know and get them to vote for it and get them to share the video with people they know too.

The contest starts June 2 and rolls through the dog days of summer. The Animaltarian of the Year will be announced on October 1st.  What would a $5,000 check do for your cause? We know it will help a lot and want to give it to the person or group that proves they care for animals as much as we do.

 Important Contest Dates:

• June 2nd– July 15th – Submission Round – Share Your Story. View Other Submissions.
• July 15th— August 31st – Round 1 – Share Your Video.  Get Lots of Votes.
• September 5th – September 30th– Round 2 – Top 5 Finalists Selected.  Voting Starts Over.
• October 1st –Announce the winner of the $5,000 and proclaim the Animaltarian of the Year – 2014.

Once again, get the word out to animal lovers everywhere that PetPartners has $5,000 to give to the most worthy Animaltarian! Go to www.petpartners.com/animaltarian to get involved.

Check out this video for more information on how to get involved:



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