35th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest

On April 21, Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa hosted its 35th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest in the Drake University Knapp Center. Fifty English bulldogs were in the running for this year’s contest, all in hopes of being crowned the 2014 Drake Relays’ official mascot. With names like Linus the LoveBug, Sweet Sassy Molassy, Otis Campbell, and Mr. Mojo Rizen, this year’s contest guarantees was  full of personality.

The contest has partnered with a number of bulldog rescue organizations, including the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue, Furry Friends Refuge, the Humane Society of Perry, Animal Lifeline of Iowa, and AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue and Transportation.

“Moving the contest to The Knapp Center affirms the University’s commitment to raise the Beautiful Bulldog Contest to a new level,” says Michael Cigelman, associate athletic director and co-director of the Beautiful Bulldog Contest committee. “I hope that the Beautiful Bulldog Contest will be a vehicle to help increase the visibility of Drake University and the Drake Relays as well as raise awareness of bulldog rescue organizations.”

Photos courtesy of Drake University. All Rights Reserved.





Farthest from the Dog House: Linus the Love Bug, Rebecca Richardson, Washington, Il, 272 miles

Best Dressed: Deliylah Destiny Drake, Tressa Yeggy, Des Moines, IA

Congeniality: Baby, John Jacobson, Pleasant Hill, IA

Our Rescue Dog Recognition: Gracie, Carolyn Hofer, Guttenberg, IA

The Porterhouse People’s Choice: Stanley, Nick and Gina Costanzo, Polk City, IA

Second Runner-up: Lord Nelson, the First Sea Lord, Martha Marsot, Keokuk,IA

First Runner-up: Zuul, Adrienne Phelps, Marengo, IA

Most Beautiful Bulldog: Lucey, Tiffany Torstenson, Waukee, IA


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