Morrie Needs a New Home!

My buddy Duchess met Morrie and so did Mommy, he’s from my alma mater Pet Haven of Minnesota. He’s a good boy and needs a forever home. And he’s got a really cool long body. Here’s part of his Petfinder profile and a link to the rest!

How did I get to Pet Haven: I was adopted in 2006 when I was a new puppy. Early this year my owners returned me to Pet Haven. They said I didn’t fit into their lifestyle anymore.

Hobbies: Fly fishing, chewing on stuffed toys and I am taking a night class in conversational French in case I meet a cute poodle someday. I like to run around with my sister dog who lived in this new foster home first. She is the boss (so she says).

Commands/Tricks: I sit tall (as I can get) for ANY kind of treat. I come whenever I’m called (my sister dog never comes when called, see how good I am?). I go into my crate whenever I am told even when I know my mom is leaving me for a while.

Crate/Potty Trained: I love my crate and sleep in it at night and during the day when my mom is gone. If I could sleep with my foster mom, I know I would be very quiet (she snores). I know exactly where to go potty and it is NOT in the house. I don’t waste time outside dillydallying around (like some other sister dog I know) and I take care of business right away.

Activity Level: I’m what they call “moderate” in the rescue business. I don’t need a lot of activity but I will go on a walk whenever you want. I will lie quietly in my bed in the living room but love to get on a lap if someone says its ok. Alright, so sometimes I don’t ask.

Read the rest here! Let’s find Morrie his forever home!

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