Dyson V6 Top Dog launches this fourth of July

Dyson V6 Top Dog

Did you know I’m a Dyson Dog? Mom has owned the Dyson DC65 Animal for years, way before the brand contacted us to help them spread the word. We’re excited to announce that Dyson’s newest pet friendly cord-free handheld vacuum, the V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum – Cordless, is set to launch today!  With a light, compact body and no cord to hold you back, the Dyson V6 Top Dog handheld is engineered to clean where conventional vacuums can’t. So it can remove pet hair and mess from wherever they choose to roam. With four additional tools designed for every space and surface in your home, there’s nowhere for pet dirt to hide. It’s just $229 so very affordable and easy to use.

James Dyson said, “Our digital motors create new technological possibilities. The V6 motor is faster and stronger than its predecessor with a higher power density.”

Integrated motor technology: The Dyson V6 Top Dog motor was engineered specifically for this machine. One and a half times more powerful than the previous motor, it draws more power from the battery source. Nothing wasted.

Dyson V6 Top Dog

The latest in battery technology: A nickel manganese cobalt battery transmits one and a half times more power than its predecessor, providing powerful suction for up to 20 minutes for the Dyson V6 Top Dog.

Light, maneuverable and versatile: A small, light, power dense motor in the hand means that the center of gravity is close to the wrist. At only 3.4 lbs, cleaning up after your pet requires little effort.

We get ours soon – we’ll let you know how we like it!


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