Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pooch

Holiday Gift

The holiday season has now officially begun.  As you begin your shopping, you will start thinking about everyone in your family, including holiday gifts for your dog.  I know I have already started shopping for my own dogs from bones, toys to dental chews and treats.  They get just as excited on the holiday morning as my own children and it is amazing to see everyone so happy.  With your pooch in mind for holiday gift ideas, I had the opportunity to try out some products from Petmate.

Between two small breed Pom-Chi’s and a Golden Retriever puppy, things can get pretty hectic at our home but they can all agree on a good toy or bone to chew on and a warm snuggly bed.  Petmate sent me two different sized dog Velvet beds from their luxurious Aspen pet Luxe Velvet bedding collection.  One was a small round which came in a nice blue color with a nice white trim and let me tell you, all of the dogs LOVE this bed. They all try to kick each other out of it for a chance to lay in it.  Even though the Golden Retriever is too big for it, he still loves it. The size of this smaller bed truly is a good size for a Pomeranian or Chihuahua sized dog.

Aspen Pet Luxe Velvet Bedding Collection
Aspen Pet Luxe Velvet Bedding Collection

The other bed they sent actually fits perfectly in our large Petmate kennel we have.  It is made of a very nice thick velvet material and seems really durable.  On this pillow, it does have a zipper function where you can either take some padding out or refill padding in it as it gets worn down.  So if you are looking for pet bedding, these would be a couple of good options to check out.

A toy from the new JW "Cuz" line.
A toy from the new JW “Cuz” line.

Lastly, we received a “ball” from the JW Toys line.  This is listed as their newest toy called the Cuz. Let me tell you, this toy is a bit…odd.  Right now, the size of this ball really only attracts our Golden Retriever to it and I’m pretty sure he tries to chew it apart because he thinks it is actually one of our children’s toys because of the feet on the bottom.  The feet on the bottom and some of the ball are a really hard plastic and part of it is a softer plastic.  We have only had this product for a few days but we will see what happens to it as he grows.  Overall, the pet bedding had to be our dogs’ favorite.

Good luck shopping out there and Happy Holidays!

I received these items for free to write this review.  The words and opinions are mine.

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