Does your dog need a dog buddy?

dog buddy

Since its inception in 2015, Dog Buddy Match has been improving the lives and health of dogs throughout Southern California, and drawing members of the community together in the process – and they’re now ready to do the same for the millions of dogs and their owners in other communities across the nation via

A Dog Buddy Match is a neighbor-to-neighbor exchange, fulfilling a dog’s need for company; allowing a dog that is longing to exercise and socialize outside of the home or its own yard and pairing it with another dog in a yard while the owners are at work or school or for occasional play dates. The service can also be used by neighbors who would like to trade boarding responsibilities, so each agrees to board the other’s dog while away or on vacation.

How it works:

  • Step 1 – Sign up and create a profile for your dog
  • Step 2 – Search for potential Dog Buddy Matches in your area
  • Step 3 – Connect – When you find a good potential match, send them a message
  • Meeting 1 – In a completely neutral area such as a public park, a dog park or school athletic field. Preferably some place where the dogs can be off leash.
  • Meeting 2 & 3 – If all goes well in the first meeting, a second meeting should take place wherever the dogs will be spending their time alone together.
  • Final Step- The Dog Buddy Match begins

The act of engaging in a Dog Buddy Match with a neighbor, as well as searching for  potential Dog Buddy Matches, helps neighbors and nearby dog owners get to know each other better, thereby strengthening the community as a whole.

For more information on Dog Buddy Match or to sign up and find a match near you, logon to

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