Help New Orleans build a new Humane Society

The Humane Society of Louisiana lost its no-kill shelter, adoption center and thrift store in the aftermath of Katrina/  Though tens of millions of dollars were raised to help animals in the region and to help shelters rebuild, the group never received major recovery or rebuilding funds. Since 2005, they’ve been helping animals at an emergency disaster relief shelter in the rural outskirts of Tylertown, two hours north of the city. From this site, they’ve successfully transported and adopted more than 7000 pets from the metro area and small rural shelters, aiding tens of thousands of animals through a variety of programs.

It’s been ten years, and now we can help them create a new facility. The group envisions creating a New Orleans Animal Center that will house its cruelty investigation bureau, a community pet adoption center, a resale shop and more.  From its headquarters, the group will continue its work to:

  • Educate and empower animal defenders statewide
  • Prevent, investigate and fight animal abuse and neglect
  • Save animals from the New Orleans metro area and rural pounds through its TransPUPtation program
  • Promote compassion for all animals, in addition to our cat and dog companions
  • Expand the state’s largest no-kill animal care center, the Enoch J. Donaldson Animal Sanctuary, in Washington parish.

New Orleans artist, Michele Lambert, is supporting the Humane Society by offering a special gift to donors through the end of 2015. She’s giving collectible, limited edition prints of her moving Katrina-themed work ‘I Cry for My City Today’ to contributors giving at specific levels. Prints may be obtained by donation here. 

Individuals, businesses and foundations can contribute to the campaign at  or via Facebook. 


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