Once Doomed Cats Get Loving Homes and a Purpose

SpokAnimal , a Humane Society in Spokane, Washington has implemented a life-saving program for the more than 1.5 million cats needlessly euthanized across the country each year. The Farm Livin’ program pairs hard to adopt cats exhibiting feral-like tendencies with farms, warehouses, and other property owners seeking help with rodent management.

The cats are given vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, and then given loving care and attention by their new owners. They live free and largely outside, without the expectation that they’ll behave like a house cat or lap cat. Instead, they freely hunt rodents and live contentedly under the watchful, loving eyes of people needing their rodent control skills.

Since 2009, SpokAnimal has save more than 1,700 cats who would otherwise have been euthanized. Their goal is to bring this program nationwide. Click here for more information on this program and the SpokAnimal organization. 

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