Top 5 Pet Technology Innovations

Today’s world is increasingly high-tech. We thought Bart and his fans might like a look at what’s going on with pet technology because there’s some really fun stuff being developed to help us communicate with and ensure the safety of our pet babies.

  1. First up, TailTalk. This is almost being able to read your dog’s mind, but not quite. This neat invention is worn around a dog’s tail and captures the movement and speed and translates that into data we can understand about our dog’s emotions. It’s based on the latest in canine behavioral research and transmits data via Bluetooth to any smartphone. Dog owners can use data from this pet technology to see how their pet responds in certain situations, to certain people, or even certain toys. The device itself is water-resistant, chew-resistant and lightweight so it won’t interfere with wagging.
  1. If you travel or work out of the house for long hours, you know how important it is for your pet to have company and interactions. The Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser isn’t a substitute for walks, but the technology will help you and your pet interact, even from hundreds of miles away. By placing the treat cam in a location your pet can reach, you’ll be able to see and hear him via a smartphone app. As you chat with your pet, you can dispense treats, keeping your pet engaged and excited about the treat cam. The machine itself holds 20 to 30 treats, depending on the size and can be used with dogs or cats.

  1. WhatsYapp is another pet technology innovation that helps owners communicate with their dogs. Although still in the prototype phase, the concept would be quite similar to the dog collar in Up. When the dog is wearing the collar, it analyzes the dog’s sounds, movements, and activities and transmits the dog’s feelings to the owner’s smartphone. Currently the collar is being designed only for dogs, but if it goes well, the creators will consider making one for cats as well.
  1. The makers of Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera don’t want you or your pet to miss each other during time you can’t be home. Instead of treats like Petzi, Petcube actually makes it possible for you to play with your pets by including a built in laser light. It also features two-way speakers so you and your pet can talk to each other. Petcube will also send a notification to your smartphone if the motion or sound detectors are set off – that way you won’t miss a moment of playtime with your fur baby.
  1. For pets with existing or suspected medical conditions PetPace helps you monitor their well-being and make sure they’re safe. It’s suitable for any pet over 8 lbs. and has a rechargeable battery. PetPace monitors your pets’ vital signs including temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, and body positions. Test users have even reported getting PetPace alerts when their epileptic dog has seizures.

Stay tuned for another post with the next five examples of top pet technology.

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