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The Lucky Seven

7 years ago / 0 comments

When seven dogs from Canada hopped on a plane bound for Best Friends, they had an entire community standing by to send them off with cheers and well-wishes. No big surprise, though, considering that …

Baby Braden

7 years ago / 0 comments

@pharmd84 sent us this adorable picture of his new baby Yorkie, Braden!

Choosing a dog for kids

7 years ago / 1 comments

When you have kids, buying a dog shouldn’t be a snap decision.

OK Go – White Knuckles

7 years ago / 3 comments

Best dog video. Ever.

Why do dog paws smell like corn chips?

7 years ago / 4 comments

Lots of people seem to report noticing a popcorn/corn chip smell that comes from their dogs when they are asleep.

Vitamins essential for senior dogs

7 years ago / 5 comments

By Dana Larson If you’re a health-conscious person or one that just wants to live a long life, you probably take a daily multivitamin or other dietary supplement to provide additional health benefits. So …

Eco-dog site supports dog walking in the Bay Area

7 years ago / 5 comments

The San Francisco SPCA today announced the launch of, a new website dedicated to protecting natural resources and preserving on- and off-leash dog walking in the San Francisco Bay Area. is sponsored …

Poo power gets messy sometimes

7 years ago / 3 comments

From Modern Dog’s Newsbite l September 22, 2010 Poop Power Poo-turned-power project gets a bit messy Matthew Mazzotta, a 33-year-old Cambridge, MA artist, is working on a project to convert dog waste into usable …

Adopt-a-Less Adoptable-Pet Week

7 years ago / 7 comments

Lots of dogs are hard to adopt. Big black labs and dogs with special problems, and senior dogs too – I had a bad leg that had to have a brace so people didn’t …

Joey’s Home Senior Dog Rescue, Inc.

7 years ago / 3 comments

By Dana Larson In most dog rescues and animal shelters, senior dogs are often overlooked for brand new puppies. However, senior dogs need just as much love, and are often a better choice for …