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Dogs of the Jersey Shore

8 years ago / 2 comments

Excerpted from the wonderful blog at Modern Dog Magazine… The annual Meet the Breeds™ event, the world’s largest showcase of cats and dogs, once again takes place in New York on October 16 and …

New book Puppy School donates proceeds to dog rescue

8 years ago / 1 comments

Puppy School is a story about two dogs named Monkey and Burton who are unlikely friends.

Tips for adopting a senior dog

8 years ago / 5 comments

When you choose to adopt a senior dog, you are making a commitment to the dog to love him and care for him in whatever way he needs. There are a few differences in caring for an older dog versus caring for a brand new puppy. Here are tips to making his furever home as fantastic as he is.

The Lucky Seven

8 years ago / 0 comments

When seven dogs from Canada hopped on a plane bound for Best Friends, they had an entire community standing by to send them off with cheers and well-wishes. No big surprise, though, considering that …

Baby Braden

8 years ago / 0 comments

@pharmd84 sent us this adorable picture of his new baby Yorkie, Braden!

Choosing a dog for kids

8 years ago / 1 comments

When you have kids, buying a dog shouldn’t be a snap decision.

OK Go – White Knuckles

8 years ago / 3 comments

Best dog video. Ever.

Why do dog paws smell like corn chips?

8 years ago / 4 comments

Lots of people seem to report noticing a popcorn/corn chip smell that comes from their dogs when they are asleep.

Vitamins essential for senior dogs

8 years ago / 5 comments

By Dana Larson If you’re a health-conscious person or one that just wants to live a long life, you probably take a daily multivitamin or other dietary supplement to provide additional health benefits. So …

Eco-dog site supports dog walking in the Bay Area

8 years ago / 5 comments

The San Francisco SPCA today announced the launch of, a new website dedicated to protecting natural resources and preserving on- and off-leash dog walking in the San Francisco Bay Area. is sponsored …