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Bart’s Animal Cam Roundup

4 years ago / 0 comments

Animal rescue organizations are typically known for their work with pets, but that’s not all they do. Some work with wild animals to make sure they’re safe and cared for. Zoos and other animal …

Bart visits Lucky Dog Pet Lodge

9 years ago / 4 comments

See another Bartcam adventure when Bart visits the biggest outdoor doggy daycare in the Twin Cities.

A visit to Paws on Grand

9 years ago / 1 comments

The 6th annual Paws on Grand brought people and their dogs to Grand Avenue for a day of doggy fun and shopping. Bart filmed the whole thing!

BartCam Report July 4, 2011

9 years ago / 1 comments

Bart the Dumpster Dog files a doggy report from the 4th of July neighborhood parade