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New book tells stories of ambassador dogs

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Bart is an ambassador for reservation “rez” dogs including those from Red Lake and Leech Lake in Minnesota! Dogs are ambassadors to the world and our own local communities. Ambassador dogs come to serve …

Music to calm dogs

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I used to have a hard time in the car but then Mommy started playing classical music. Now I really like being in the car.  That’s why I thought you might like the archive …

Yummy dog treats

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Usually dog treats that are deemed “all natural” do a number on the dogs’ digestive systems so when I got this free sample of Dogswell Jerky Strips “Vitality”  I was hesitant. But the ingredients …

New dog training helpline from the AKC

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I’m really hoping Mom doesn’t sign up for this. It’s a new dog training helpline.  New York, NY – Is your dog driving you crazy with rambunctious behavior you just can’t control? Puppy training …

AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program expands

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With the introduction of AKC Community Canine, the AKC’s CGC program now provides a comprehensive three- level training program for you and your dog.

Tips on good behavior from U.S. Navy Seal Jim Bruno

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I’m not one to really behave all that well but I’d probably listen to this guy.  Southern California-based retired Navy SEALs K-9 trainer and expert, Jim Bruno has served as a K-9 handler/trainer and manager of …

Welcome Home Mama & Boris

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In 2008 this real life story captured our hearts. This is an incredibly moving tale of one sister’s tribute to her fallen brother-and the everyday heroes who are still rescuing the amazing animals who …

Chateau Marmutt opens at The Orlando Hotel in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, CA – The Orlando Hotel, a Los Angeles icon located on West 3rd Street, is expanding its services by going after a new type of client. Their high-end amenities now include turndown services …

State of Pet Travel Survey

4 years ago / 0 comments recently sent me its inaugural survey about pet travel.  Apparently we’re not fully enjoying the benefits of our travel vacations because we are worrying about our pets, even if they’re coming along! Pet-Smuggling Sometimes …