The dangers of fleas

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The dangers of fleas
By Jennifer Tilman
Mobile grooming business owner, former veterinary technician

Author of Grooming Tales from A to Z

Many people are unaware of the dangers fleas present to pets. Fleas are your pet’s archenemy! They are insects that live on the dog’s skin for nourishment and reproduction. Fleas can reproduce at a rate of up to two thousand fleas within a four-month period. If ignored, fleas can lead to tapeworm infestation of the GI tract, anemia (requiring blood transfusion by a veterinarian), and even death. It’s important to keep pets protected with flea-deterrent medication year-round, especially in climates that stay relatively warm, since fleas do not die during the winter seasons of warmer climates.

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  • Fleas26. Jun, 2011

    fleas can also carry tape worm.

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